Snack Packs for Chemo

snack packs chemo

Snack Packs for Chemo is an opportunity for groups or individuals to make snack bags for adults and children going through chemo. They will be disbursed to cancer centers. The first facility we are partnered with is Cooper Cancer Center. We recommend peanut butter crackers in sealed individual packages, cookies in sealed individual packages, small box of 100 percent apple juice, single serve apple sauce, single serve pudding, individual pre-packaged muffins along with some hard candy. Any types of snacks are appreciated. Please note: Cooper has certain rules so all snacks must be in original sealed wrap. No home made cookies or snacks in baggies.

It would be very nice to either have brown bags decorated or cards to go along with the snack packs. There will be a sign-up page for groups to make the snack packs each week coming soon.

To get more information, visit the Facebook Group page.